After 25 Years in business we are proud to announce we have reopened after

 the statewide mandatory shutdown. Regular business and range times. Mask's will be worn upon entering the store


Mask will be worn at all times inside the store!

Top-Notch Shooting Range. The Perfect Venue for Beginners and Experts

Are you looking for a first-class firing range in Monroe, NY? Visit us here at Master Class Shooting Supply! Our facility features individual turning target carriers that adjust to any distance up to 25 yards.

Your complete satisfaction is our priority, which is why our range is heated and air-conditioned, providing you with a relaxed and comfortable environment in which you can practice or compete.

Please note that high-powered rifles are not allowed in our range. Handguns, rifles, and shotguns are permitted as long as velocities don’t exceed 2000 ft/s.

Safety Class Schedule Information

Range Fees & 

  • Hourly Range Fees
  • Individual Unlimited Yearly
  • Family Plan - Unlimited Yearly
  • Discounted Officers Program

More Information

Shooters Welcome from all States with proper License and Permit

Reloading instruction is available. Call for an appointment for a one on one seminar.

Ruger PC Carbine are not available at this time. Call for availability.




Offering a Wide Selection of Guns and Ammunition

When you require high-quality guns and firearms accessories, we are the right place to visit in Monroe, NY. No matter your needs, we have you covered!

We Offer

  • A comprehensive inventory of reloading supplies, which includes components, powders, shot, wads, brass, bullets, and dies
  • A full selection of firearms accessories for the most demanding gun enthusiast
  • A large collection of new and used rifles, pistols, and shotguns, as well as a selection of knives. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are Hudson Valley’s trusted Dillon Precision Products dealer and service center
  • We are more than happy to meet your needs and place special orders – we do it every day
  • We hold approved safety courses and provide private instruction and coaching for novice and competitive shooters